Congratulation, Musthafa!

At last the awaiting results came in. And guess what, the results were in MDP's favour and their candidate won yesterday's election for a re-vote on Thimarafushi ballot boxes.

It's time to say bye-bye to Maumoon and his relatives and the country shall move on. People had said a big 'no' to another 5 years and now they have said a 'no' once again to his puppet son Ghassan Maumoon, whose national identity card number happens to be A000004 (one of the best evidence that Maumoon used the government resources illegaly and unduly).

Yet there is another problem and a questionable thought! Would Maumoon accept his defeat NOW? Will he force Ghassan to file a suite before the high court, claiming Thimarafushi islanders were not working for the best interest of him, and asking for a re-election?

What a joke! Hey Ghassan, Let me tell you something. Do not dare to make such a move. Or else it is your character at stake. Your dear father 'fulhu' got the chance to get out of politics and to work for the best interest of the country! But he blew it. Do not go on in his path. Do not sweat on it. You will be rejected, yet again. That is my humble suggestion to you.

DRP-PA coalition MPs need to work in full gear to protect their beloved former president being investigated, prosecuted and convicted. Or else they might be sorry later on. And yeah, Omar is not a solution. He never was, but he himself is a problem.

Congratulation, Musthafa! And thanks to Thimarafushi 'Rayyithun'

Another Fucking Decision by Islamic Ministry

I was surprised to know that Air Tel dish are getting banned without prior notice being given to the users, and I have come across different versions of comments from various people on this.

I, too, is of the view that it should not be banned. This Islamic ministry has decided upon such an issue without even considering public interest, which is the main thing they preach about except for their strict ideologies. But where is this so called public interest in this case?

I am sure no Maldivian would want to pay MRF 300 or MRF 500 for some 30 or 40 channels! and by God, they have been paying it for as long as they remember. Ok, I get it, this decision was pursued just because medianet and bnet or mesco would be wound up if Air Tel dish are taking shape like this, because they totally depend on this. But have not they been earning that wholesome income for this long? well, it seems they are not working for the public and to serve the public as they claim. if not why do not they atleast cut the price or compromise things a little bit? ( i thought majority counts, but here i see a different image )

Another lousy issue the Islamic ministry has come up with is taking Religion as a tool. The earlier government used it as a political tool messing it here and there and now the current islamic ministry is using it as a financial tool. WTF!
They say there is no mechanism to block that particular God TV. But I have known that it can be blocked and it's just an excuse.

When will we be free?????? we can change the government and the president, yet i see we are restrained from being free.

Surely, if there is ever a rally or assembly regarding this issue, i would chose to be on their side. :D
lets wait and see the next decision they make! i can guarantee you it will be far worse than this.

A Sickening Sight!

why is every Maldivian so into death penalty?
how come they think of it as the ultimate solution?
it seems like they are romantically in love with that!

they say it will solve everything.
they say it is the ideal solution for paedophiles, molesters and even to criminals.
but is that it?

i don't think so. what i say is death penalty is not for Maldives and Maldivians.
it just wont suit us.
in fact, it will create more problems and bring our economy down.
and those sickening death penalty talk coming from MP's is much worse.

i mean they are the ones to think about such issues directly affecting our country and they are the one who are supposed to see the big picture out there and frame our laws according to the vast effects which might come with the package when and if we start to give death penalties.

we are a small country! we have no resources of our own except our beaches which is not flexible and not permanent..
we totally depend on other countries..
we are the ones who are under a global threat..
yet we are the one talking about legalising death penalty and implementing those?
well, well, i salute their gut.
but, please do not lead our country to another destruction where all the countries would cut down all funds and we will be 'shut-down'

yeah! we are 100 or so percent Moslem and there it is Halal to give death penalty!
but should not we observe the current situation?

Poor People of Kanditheemu

can anyone think of an island where they get no tv signal?
i can.
believe it or not, while our free times are occupied with famous tv programmes
and popular shows, there is one island where they do not get to watch any such thing!!!

for people of Sh. Kanditheemu, tv signal has now become a past thing.

almost all the people have accepted the dull truth and have accustomed

themselves to their 'no-more-tv-channels' routine.

but i find it hard to imagine and difficult to believe that one island has been deprived
of tv signal for this long.

they have been going through this ever since that dreary day when Dhiraagu antenna tower in that island was struck by lightning.

[here is the link which will relate to the incident]

who is going to be responsible for this?
well, easy to say and regard it as a natural cause of tragedy.
what the hell? is that natural cause going to come and bring that signal back again?
where are the KatheebS?
where is the Councilor?
where is the recently appinted MP with absolute majority?

oh yeah! they are delaying the signal deliberately
because they have no budget?

oh yeah! they are delaying the project because they got lot of works to do

oh yeah! they are avoiding it to avoid re-cabling.

worst of all, they could be avoiding it in the name of Islam, for cable tv has a bad influence over teenagers and it shows 18+ materials which are considered vulgar and 'ziney ah magu fahivaa kanthah thah!

ok, ok. lets end this note and blame the innocent people living in that island since no one else gives a damn.

WTF! Here Goes Another One!

hey, wait a sec.
i have seen this 'partey' lady from somewhere else!
not long ago.
in fact, just the day before this news came out, she was roaming freely around 'Maaveyo Magu'.
her Holy drunken state put a festive mood on the by-standers and the traffics.
'a partey deal!', some wishpered as she dragged herself through.
never mind that. that was it and it is normal nowadays.

i wonder how many such 'NOORUZAADHAs' would be out there
torturing and beating their own babies?
and how many such 'ZAADHAs' would be out there letting others 'mess' with their own infants?
are they human or their rotten acts humane? believe me, neither of it is.
yet it is the state we are in today.
unfortunately we seem to lack a proper remedy to this bunch of scums
who should be alienated and rather killed.

lets face it, we all condemn such acts and express our hatred towards such.
but none of us is doing enough to get rid of them.
we are not uniting our thoughts and our feelings on this.
we are not working together to eliminate these kind of heinous crimes.
(i know, the comment section on such article does attract bulk of comments.)

has not the time to bond together come yet?
lets form unions, associations or whatever it takes to fight these evils.
but please, words are not enough and no more time to form another lengthy plan.
what we need is action!!!!

Mike is Back!

well, it's been ages i guess.
never mind that, the best part is that i am back on blogging.
so here i go with some random 'handi' clicks. :d

as for me... am awaiting for my semester results,
which will be disclosed on the next Sunday.

wish me luck and i have my expectations.:D

btwn, am gonna do my theory test for the driving license.
so, gotta rush.
and am glad that i am back now.

hope there wont be any complaints:D
and if there is, well, i am sorry.

I Beg You!


why is everything has to be like this?
why do you always believe what others has to say about us?
why do you think of us like that?

please do not give up on us this soon!
you have fought it for this long..
why cannot you hang to your little ones another couple years?
why cannot you at least trust us?
why cannot you take our word for something?

what makes you think we do not love you?
what gives you the idea that we want you out?
which of our acts imply that we want you no more?
does any of our conduct towards you shows we are burdened by your presence?

please mom, i beg you.
please understand us.
please judge us only by your reasons.
please do not do things which would weaken our strength.
please bond us in your ultimate love.


lobivaa hawwathaa ge ahmadhu ah,
vedhun salaam finifen maluge fiyathakuge eheega barutheela kraaa haalu roe heyrifai govaa nagameve.

lobivaa eve.
mioh kada kada dhuniye midhanee badhalu vamun neve.
janavaru thah nethive meehun thah neggaaanee vamun neve.
eoh varugadha vegen ulhunu bush ge verikan nimi, enme varugadha golhaa verikan ves hafusvee eve.
hama ekani dhemiothee dhemeehun ge xamaanvee niumathun furigen vaa, adhi kiehtha, ibrathun liyevigen vaa mi gulhumeve.

dhemeehun dhuvahak vaki nuvane fadha gulhumakun bandhevemaa annasheve.
avas kraasheve. keh theri kan kolhun lanee eve.
adeh naahamu heyyeve, 'time and tide wait for no men' eve.
lobeege aarun fenboan annasheve. mutheethah dheme fadha koarakun kovareh bolan annasheve.
nuvithaakah dhemeehun ge loluge koe fadhain gengulhene meyva eh hodhamaa annasheve.

inthixaru kraa haalu,
leyboa hafeeza (adambe goathi)

Thaareekhuge Therein 17/04/2009

enme thiree foto ga maa kandah nukume mas baanaigen an naneee eve.
medhu ga huri foto ga hulhumale alifaan roakurun manaa sarahadhdhuga mas fihanee eve.
fahu foto ga fihefai oi ekkala bodu mas keumah thayyaru vefa othee eve.

The Best Campaign Photo- Ghassan Maumoon

'Alhugandu ge bappaa fulhakee dhivehi raajjeyge kureege raeesul jumhooriyya al-usthaaz Maumoon Abdul Qayyoom'

>>>>London in nappy gannanee ves??? cud have used Lovely Baby Nappy!!<<<<
nukurevene... Dammit.. It's the Former President's Son dho..
>>>>Spect hadhdhan ves ehaavaru??? why can't they use a theemuge fund ainu??<<<<
nukurevene... Dammit.. It's the Former President's Son dho..

none is going to confess and is confusing and IT's the ultimate CONFUSION

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